Portable Hub Balancer For Small Flat Car
Portable Hub Balancer For Small Flat Car

This is our wheel balancer,which is convenient to balance tires accurately with its bull’s eye level. Its aluminum head accepts hubs from 1- 1/2″ to 4″ in diameter, ideal for most automobiles and light trucks. A lightweight design of this wheel balancer makes it easier to take it from one room to another.

Ideal for diy,home and business applications
Perfect for cars and trucks
Non-rust enamel finished base
Machine aluminum head
Lightweight and portable
Balance wheels easily with hubs from 1-1/2\’ to 4\’ diameter

Dimension: 24″H x 11.5″ Dia
Base diameter: 11.5″
Center rod diameter: 0.813″
Hub diameter: 1.495″
Approx weight: 11 lbs

Packing list:

Hub balancer*1

Portable Hub Balancer For Small Flat Car


Heavy Duty Portable Hub Balancer For Small Flat Car

A wheel balancer prevents troublesome vibrations that cause wear on tires and suspension. The Merak International Portable hub balancer for small flat car features a rust-resistant enamel finish base, a drop level for quick balancing, and a machined aluminum head that accepts hubs. It has a proper dimension of 24″H x 11.5″ Dia, a Base diameter of 11.5″, a Center rod diameter of 0.813″, and a Hub diameter of 1.495″. It weighs almost 11 lbs.

Merak International is a professional Portable hub balancer exporter that deals with the design, development, and production of Automotive repair tools. We aim to provide professional and convenient Portable hubs wheel balancer with bubble level heavy duty rim to solve vehicle breakdowns and maintain vehicle performance. Save your money and effort.

Portable Aluminum Hubs Rim and Tire Wheel Balancer

This portable hub wheel balancer is made of high-grade aluminum material and can bear weight. Its base is finished with enamel, which ensures anti-rust and provides long service life. They are simple to use and can balance wheels with hub diameters ranging from 1-1/2″ to 4″; they are suitable for most cars and light trucks, and their bull’s-eye level makes it simple to balance tyres correctly.

Furthermore, thanks to its precise machining, this portable hub balancer for small flat car guarantees a secure and efficient operation. It is perfect for swiftly and simply balancing the wheels of most cars and light vehicles. It is simpler to move it from one area to another, thanks to our compact and lightweight design. The balancer is useful anywhere in an additional room.

Thus, our best bubble balancer provides great stability, perfect for cars and trucks. Also, they take away the wheel lightly to avoid the paint being scraped away. This tool uses an anti-rust enamel finished base, which is easy to carry and use.

Buy Car Wheel Balancer For Multiple Applications

portable wheel balancer is a versatile tool used in various automotive and industrial settings to ensure a balanced rotation of wheels and tires. Our Wheel balancers are useful in auto repair shops to balance the wheels and tires of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. They are useful in Marine Industry, Racing Teams, and Transportation Companies.

It is useful in Automobile Manufacturing during the production process of vehicles to ensure that wheels and tires are balanced. Also, Fleet operators use wheel balancers to maintain the vehicles in their fleet. Plus, Agricultural and Construction Machinery use them for Large vehicles such as tractors, bulldozers, and loaders. Other than cars Aviation sector also uses them to balance the wheels of airplanes and helicopters, ensuring safe takeoffs and landings.

Portable Hub Balancer For Small Flat Car Supplier – Merak International

Merak International stands out as a top option in its market because of its great goods and dedication to innovation. It has a history of providing high-quality Portable hub balancer for small flat car solutions to customers. As a result of Merak International’s commitment to research and development, its products are always at the cutting edge of technical breakthroughs. Thus, we ensure to meet the bubble wheel balancer for sale demands of clients.

Customers who select us can count on high-quality automotive goods and wholesale automobile circuit tester. Thus, our team has knowledge and advice to help businesses make the most of their investments. Merak International is the best choice for people looking for excellence, innovation, and a commitment to customer success due to its wide selection of cutting-edge goods and constant emphasis on client success.


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