Automobile Circuit Tester
Automobile Circuit Tester

Product information:

Type:Automobile fault detector
Detection system:Electrical system
Supply voltage:5~240 (V)
Operating temperature:-40~85 (℃)
Dimension:200*120*80 (mm)

Packing list:

Automobile circuit tester * 1

Automobile Circuit Tester


Wholesale Automobile Circuit Tester Supplier And Exporter

A circuit tester is a tool used to verify if an electrical socket is correctly connected. The technician may confirm that the outlet has been put correctly by looking at the circuit tester’s set of lights, which display the condition of the wiring within.

When it comes to cutting down on diagnostic time for automotive electrical systems, the Wholesale automobile circuit tester 5~240 (V) is industry-leading. Use an automobile battery to connect this device. Next, a switch at the power tester’s end will determine if the voltage is positive or negative.

Merak International circuit tester, built with the latest technology and user-friendly features, is a crucial tool for skilled mechanics. Circuit testers examine the continuity of electrical circuits and look for electrical voltage. It allows it to identify any circuit breaks or openings that might fail.

Quality Wholesale Automobile Circuit Tester Suppliers

The Merak International is highly versatile and easy to operate. It is more convenient to detect different portions of the automobile thanks to the 16-foot cable’s extended length and small, portable design. By switching the power switch either way, an auto mechanic may pass either a negative or positive battery current to the tip of the electric light tester after merely attaching it to the vehicle’s battery. We offer it with an easy-to-use power switch, LED test lights with buzzer warnings, two clamps with a powerful biting force, and a high-sensitivity test light tip. Thus, Wholesale automobile circuit tester suppliers ensure a high-performance device at a premium cost.

The power circuit tester has an alligator clip, buzzer, probes, and indication lights to solve issues more rapidly. Also appropriate for small spaces, the high-sensitivity probe projects the outcome onto the indication light. Thus, its insulated rubber protecting tip protects users from electrical shocks. Also, the alligator clip makes it easy to operate with one hand, which will significantly increase your productivity. When a circuit breaker trips, the tester sounds a beep.

Simple LCDs can measure voltage, current, and resistance in real time. It decreases the amount of potential problems, saving you time and energy. The Wholesale automobile circuit tester also has safety features such as reverse polarity detection and overload protection.

Uses Premium Automatic Circuit Tester For Vehicles

The automotive industry uses the automobile circuit tester in a variety of ways. The easiest and most useful test instrument for maintaining circuits is the multipurpose automobile circuit tester. Check the headlights, taillights, turn signal circuits, bad sockets, connections, fuses, damaged wires, and other parts of the automobile quickly. 

Electric bike wholesale supplier believes they are ideal for vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, and others that can have their circuit voltage tested within the 5~240 (V) test range. It is a necessary tool for every electronic engineer, circuit do-it-yourselfer, or automobile engineer. It is useful to identify and fix electrical problems such as blown fuses, lighting difficulties, sensor issues, and circuit anomalies. This kind of tester is also useful to inspect switches, cables, and fuses. The Automotive Electrical Circuit Tester assists in rapid and precise diagnostics, enabling prompt repairs, whether in garages, repair shops, or on the road.

Reliable Wholesale Automobile Circuit Tester – Merak International

Merak International is to be the leading auto parts supplier in our markets by providing the greatest possible value in terms of pricing and quality to jobbers, professional installers, and retail consumers, all while maintaining the highest caliber of customer service.

Wholesale automobile circuit tester provides you the assurance and mastery to manage electrical issues. Now, accurate and efficient diagnostics can take the place of conjecture. Whether you’re an experienced technician or a dedicated do-it-yourselfer, the Merak International Wholesale automotive circuit tester is the perfect companion for maintaining the electrical system in your car in optimal working order. Place your order now to experience the difference for yourself.

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